Food Service

An essential part of our service is to provide a good variety of daily food that is delicious, nutritious and safe.


We take on the responsibility for overall project management, find practical solutions to problems and develop value-added initiatives.

Health & Safety

We implement the most stringent levels of Health, Safety and Security management to prevent all incidents, injuries, and illness to our clients' and our own employees.


We are now one of the most experienced remote sites design- build contractors and camp services providers.


We are a wholly integrated remote site services company, offering construction, food service and a comprehensive range of camp services.
  • GCC SERVICES offices
    • Kuwait
  • Affiliated offices
  • Vision, Mission and Values

    Our vision is to outperform the support services sector and meet our clients challenging business requirements by providing excellence in delivery, reliability, integrity and safety.
    We commit to exceed the expectations of our clients providing them with a full spectrum of facilities, life support and construction services in a culture governed by business ethics and execution excellence.

    Social Awareness

    We believe a sustainable business requires a strong commitment towards local communities.
    We promote Corporate Social Responsibility among local communities, believing that there is no better recipe to achieving a healthy and self-sustaining economy than through proactive participation in employment, training, and procurement of local resources.