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By adding Food Safety training and certification, GCC SERVICES provided important job skills and opportunities to employees in remote areas. Training was conducted in both English and Arabic and a total of 212 out of 244 employees passed their exams that were completed in Darfur and evaluated in the UK.

Training a local Darfur workforce to manage bulk food handling, storage and distribution was our primary objective. We also sought to employee as many local people as possible – providing valuable incomes to households and families that had suffered through conflict and needed to rebuild their lives.

We also sought to demonstrate to the government that GCC SERVICES was not only in country to make money. We wanted to be a valued company making a contribution, giving employees certified skills that can be applied to future endeavours as the country recovers.

Training requirements included:

  • Monitoring and controlling the temperature of food during cooking, holding, serving, cooling and reheating
  • Preventing cross-contamination of food and food contact surfaces
  • Using proper hand washing techniques and proper use of disposable gloves
  • Conducting monthly food safety self-inspections at every facility where we handle and produce food
Food Safety Training in Darfur with GCC Services

GCC SERVICES hired 244 local employees in three areas of Darfur. Training these employees resulted in job security and their ability to support their families.

HACCP training and certification was not available in Darfur, and training institutions were unwilling to risk sending their employees to Darfur – so we approached Highfield in the UK with the idea of certifying our QHSE team members to train on their behalf.

Each of the three locations received a training schedule, beginning with El Fasher, then Geneina and Nyala. Training was conducted on site in the warehouses. Both male and female Sudanese employees were trained in English, or most preferably in Arabic. A total of 212 employees at three locations in Darfur completed Level 1 Food Safety training and received their certifications. Both the Government and the UN were impressed with the results, but most importantly, the pride each employee had in their achievement was the most impressive and rewarding. GCC SERVICES learned that international level training and standards can be possible anywhere.

GCC SERVICES began the training in early 2014 – after being awarded the contract in 2013.