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 The event was held on May  28th, 2016 at Al Jamhoriya Closed Football  Stadium and at Al Hadi Mosque.


The event consisted of providing a one month food supplies and monetary assistance to two hundred families, most of which are war martyrs’ families from different areas in Basra Iraq. It was organized in coordination with two of the most famous charity organizations in the country, namely  the Karbala Al Muqadasa Association and Al Hadi Charity Organization. GCC SERVICES Iraq  also invited the famous Iraqi National Football player, captain Noor Sabri to be the honorary guest during the event to boost the morale and lift the spirit of the participants.
In addition, GCC SERVICES Iraq introduced a new trend of employee involvement where staff from various projects were nominated and assigned to help in the packing and distribution of the Ramadan packages. This exercise aimed at making the staff contribute to the company’s charity activities and initiatives of giving back to the community.